Opening material and first chapter 


“I reasoned that some day, when I die,
I will be forced out of my body, and I'll have to deal with the issue then.
It seems better to learn the rules before I die,
so I can handle it better when my time is up.
If I explore the out-of-body state while still alive,
perhaps my transition to the waiting world will be smoother.

"When I die, I will be cast into a strange new world,
just as an infant is cast into our world.
Imagine how wonderful it would be if a fetus
could attend some kind of school while it was still in the womb!
Imagine a baby that can talk on the day it is born!”

Robert Peterson
Out of Body Experiences


At first breath, all are blest.
Given flesh to be dressed.
Mind and heart added, too,
Trinity, whole and new.

Hidden midst that very three
Soul in all: Eternity.
Waiting 'til Its light breaks through
And we hail that Pearl of Blue.

Each new Life draws us back
Turning to 'nother tack.
Dares us look past the plow,
The Real is here and now.

Yes, all things are possible.
Ever' life is wonderful.
We create tomorrow new
From today, 'tis always true.

Lessons large, lessons small.
Life, one great learning hall.
Learn again, learn anew.
Much to learn, much to do.

The Child is each one's own Soul,
Readying, to make us whole.
Heals body, from head to toe,
Giving all we'll ever know.

Child, father, of the man,
Leads the way for the clan.
A child, now, leads us through,
However, long the queue.

He comes forth to break the mold
To leave past and all that's old.
Future calls to me and you,
As he wails, “A-A-A-choo!”


A Happy Occasion
John Rich

Your Rocky Mountain Sky Station is following the story of an extraordinary infant who was born in the city late yesterday evening. This child's tale is a peculiar and astonishing one. Where it will lead, no one can tell.

The baby boy was born to Joe and Marian Borden who live in suburban Grandview. According to the parents, there were only a few hints that their firstborn might be unusual. The couple have been married over two years, are both gainfully employed, and were happily awaiting the new arrival. Now they don't know what to expect next.

The husband's first words after the delivery give a hint as to his own amazement. He's reported to have said, “Uncle Bud did it. Who would've ever believed him?”

Marian seemed rather nonplused, being merely relieved that her child appeared healthy, having all its fingers and toes and other appendages, and that her pregnancy was over.

Word of the event spread rapidly beyond the extended family throughout the community to the state and the nation. Such an occurrence couldn't help but draw the media to the medical center. Doctors and nurses and even orderlies were besieged by reporters for any morsels of information which might be available or manufactured for the moment.
The hospital's spokesman was terse and unresponsive to inquiries trying to make the incident less an oddity and more a “happy occasion.” Dwight Headly simply stated: “At 11:15 p.m. yesterday in a City Medical Center birthing suite, a male child -- as yet unnamed -- was born to Joseph and Marian Borden who reside in the suburban City. The infant was examined and found to be in excellent health. He weighed 15 pounds and 15 ounces and measured 27 inches. The child has a full head of brown hair and bright blue eyes. Quite remarkably, the baby was born with several teeth. But most astonishingly, he was noted by the attending obstetrician and nurses to have spoken several words immediately upon delivery. In them, he made specific requests for his care and attention. We cannot divulge any of these at this time except to say that he has been sleeping contentedly since that time with his grandfather close at hand in the newborn ward. I am unable to answer any questions until the family allows release of further information. Thank you.”

What can be made of a talking infant? Well, probably lots of news stories, a siege at the hospital, and eventually a book or movie. Time will tell. Please stay tuned.


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