"Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art.
It does not co
nsist of compounding pills and plasters;
it deals with the very processes of life,
which must be understood before they may be guided."

the greatest physician of the last 2000 years,
prepared the way for the great magnetist
Anton Mesmer  >>>
Franz Mesmer

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Healing Circle

A Story of Healing Magic

Once upon a future time, space travelers visit two quite similar planets. From a distance, the orbs are almost identical. On landing, the explorers find humanoid beings who appear very much the same.

The creatures look, move and act like Earthians. There is one decided difference, however. All the people encountered have short upper arms and very long lower arms.

This situation creates a number of problems. But, the most serious involves eating. Because of the imbalance in arm mechanics, the beings find it very difficult to feed themselves with their hands or utensils.

On the first planet, the inhabitants are found emaciated and often starving.

On the second planet with the same bodily defects, the people are thriving.


The defectively formed people on these two planets are faced with a difficult problem. The first group are in dire straits.

The second group comes to the simple answer to


This story or parable can considered from many angles. I suggest that we use it from the perspective of healing.

In the modern world, we hand over our health problems to professionals, mercenaries in fact, who are supposed to know things which most often they don't. They are also taught to be disinterested. Too often they are more technicians than healers.

Little do they or we realize that we all can be healers.
All we have to do is FEED EACH OTHER.


Parents feed their children physical, emotional and other food. Humans have to learn (maybe relearn) - some day to do the same - to feed, share, give of the healing energies in our own auras.

That is exactly what the greatest of healers do. They give freely of their beings. Then, the essential energies of their nature are replenished so that they can pass on more.

We can all do much the same. When one of us is ill or injured, our friends and family merely need to make conscious efforts to pass on the healing energy in our own auras to the one in need.

When we are in a similar state, we can "call upon the elders," ask to have "hands laid upon us," and be quite sure that healing power will flow from bodies of strength to those of weakness, from health to dis-eased beings.


Sharing of our selves can result in greater health for all, most everywhere, most any time.


from Nic in Scotland

Again an interesting post.

Indeed, magic is very linked to healing and collaboration or co-operation. We need to be treated as equals and not with a distant “objectivity” and as if technology is the means and end of health and treatment. Technology has its place, but it is an instrumental place. 

You also bring another interesting topic: The ability we all have to heal one another when we act in a close, loving and sharing way. I do agree we can heal one another and in many deep ways.

Yet, a topic for discussion comes to mind. Can we “intervene” and start a healing process for a loved one without their knowledge or consent? Is this needed? or what ethical protocols such this kind of healing follow? 

Interested in comments from other readers to broaden my understanding in this, as said, very interesting topic.

Send comments to theportableschool at gmail dot com


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Kirlian photo of hands

Healing Touch:
Natural Magic by Many Names

The following is a list of healing methods
(dating from centuries past to the present)
which have a number of things in common:

animal magnetism
therapeutic touch
jin shin do
jin shin jyutsu
structural integration
esoteric healing
pranic healing
chi kung
orgone therapy
zone therapy
merlin healing
vortex healing
etheric healing


The list could go on much longer.
All these modalities are variations on a theme.

• They generally use little more than the hands -- sometimes touching the body, sometimes at a distance.

• They are meant to co-operate with the body being treated, not to overwhelm or command a cure.

• Regardless of the expertise of the operator, they allow for a natural flow and blending of human energies between giver and receiver.

• They co-ordinate with the healing power of nature - vis medicatrix naturae - the vital prana which sustains every living form.

• The essential force involved in all these healing methods is the same and is available to everyone 24/7.

• We all can aid others with the touch of our hands and the sweep of our auras.

• This is one of the secrets of nature. So simple, natural, and immanent, but so little considered.

• How about taking some time to consider this secret of nature.

• Look for stories from over the ages where comfort, anesthesia, and healing have resulted merely through healing touch.

Send comments to theportableschool at gmail dot com.


Thoughts from A Frugal Physician

"Physicians are taught to save lives, not money."

This quote is only partly true.
Modern medicine is all about bodies and diseases,
fixing and mending, repairing and curing.

Unfortunately, health and healing, common sense and simplicity
have become further and further removed form medical practice.

There is NO course in medical school on health or healing.
Neither on diet and nutrition, nor faith and beliefs,
nor business and costs and laws.

Medicine is now less a service than a business. A Big Business.
Physicians often are more focused on the financial bottom line
than on serving, helping and aiding their fellows.

This can, must and will change.
You can be part of that change.
You are invited to give and take regarding a wide range of medical issues
which will be presented here before, during and after the release of

Help out by sharing comments and stories about
medicine and healing as they are

and as they can be.

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