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Harlee Watson

Harlee Watson

Healing - On Her Own

An itchy mole on the back of the left knee, been aware of it for a long time now, over a year; scratched, bled, feelings of fear flood through the mind emotions and body; visit the Dr. - Appointment with specialist - less than  a week later, in hospital face down as mole removed, anaesthetic didn't seem to work, exceedingly painful, Dr. upset at pain I experienced, it was cancer and they had to dig deep; a week of waiting, a phone call, it is malignant melanoma, visit the specialist again, an appointment in Glasgow, we all went Del, Jamie and Laura - wasn't good no cure, only experiments, inject blue dye, see what it revealed, remove the lymph glands, some chemo, maybe that was a service, experiments on me could benefit others........ mmmmmmm.......

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David Miller

David Miller

Prayer and Healing

Dave Miller grew up not knowing anything different than praying when you were sick or injured. “That’s what my parents taught me when I was a child. That’s what I knew and understood. I didn’t know about doctors and hospitals.”

Dave saw many injuries tended and fixed at home. “Mother bandaged my injured and sometimes broken bones and they got better in a few days.”

Still, Dave’s thinking changed over the years and pointed him to regular medical help on numerous occasions. But, not always.

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Amy W.

Amy Welchez and friend Dixie

Amy's Story

I have sort of an interesting story of my own. Several years ago, probably 2004, I kept having dreams that I was going to be in an accident.  I told this to somebody, as the dreams really scared me.  I did what she told me to do and that was to pray for what I wanted from the “accident”. . . if I must be in that “accident”.  So I did.  I prayed for my body to not be mangled and to feel no pain.  I had never been in an accident before and therefore didn't really know what else to pray for. ;-)

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