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Baby Doctor Lives

I know Baby Doctor is alive because I got a big complaint f
rom my Basque friend Nicolas in Scotland.

Nicolas had reviewed and edited my People Medicine manuscript.
So, I sent him one of the first printed versions
along with an old copy of Baby Doctor and here is the thanks I got.

A HUGE COMPLAINT Regarding Dr. Bob the author

Hi my friend,
I am writing to you to convey a HUGE COMPLAINT.
The thing is Harlee picked up your book “Baby Doctor”.
She did so in a casual manner. Just browsing it.
Well, a few minutes later she had tears rolling down her face.
Now she is totally hooked on the book.
Curled in the sofa by the window receiving the sun light and reading and reading.

You must feel proud and have a sense of success
for she has tabbed with whatever messages you were transmitting when writing the book,
and also the book is a means for her to tab and get in touch with her deeper self.
My Huge Complaint is that for some time now I HAVE LOST HARLEE!!!!!
Nick suffers. But trusts all will be fine soon.
Nick can’t wait to get a hold of the said book too.
Meanwhile, Nick suffers with anticipation.
It is all your fault!!!!
So Congrats. Job well done!!!

Eventually, I heard from his partner Harlee who said,

Hi Dr.
Baby Dr. - I loved it - I started and didn't put down
and I have already got a mental list of who will enjoy this book and others who will greatly benefit...........
for me it was a needed boost........
you know what its like the belief is there but we can loose "umph"
and books like this come along and just rev the ole engine again - thank you.......I needed a reboot :)

I could relate so much to my own healing(s) over this lifetime
and it is always very simple to "see" but more difficult to manifest.........
but faith and perseverance/persistence (or as some have said pig headedness) will bring results :)

I am about to sign up for a bereavement counseling course as I feel this is my next course of service,
but before I start I will start writing about one "my experiences" :)
May the Power be with you :)


So, Baby Doctor still has life. And for any interested readers, copies are still available.

$10 (includes shipping)

Contact  theportableschool at gmail dot com for purchase details.

You can also read the first chapter of Baby Doctor at

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