Don Sergio Castro

“If everybody acted in a simple and human way,
we'd all be saints.”
Don Sergio Castro

Portrait of a Healer

“Some of his patients are sent to him by local hospitals, especially in hopeless cases; when, for example, amputation seems to be the only option. Sergio Castro is seen by many as the last hope. People come to him with gangrene, hoping that they will be able to keep their limbs, for he has achieved what some perceive as ‘miracles.’ Sergio is not a doctor; Sergio’s somebody who really cares about people. And his clinic is actually not a clinic, but a museum of traditional indigenous costumes. Sergio has been working within the indigenous Mayan communities of Chiapas, the poorest and most deprived State of Mexico, for the past 40 years. Initially, his contribution was agricultural work, and helping to build water infrastructure before he began offering medical care. Like all true healers, Sergio didn't choose to become one. He was chosen, elected by the people who needed his help; and unlike many proclaimed healers, he's never asked a dime for his services.” { read more at }

My friend, Laurie Ellis Young,
sent me this article about Don Sergio Castro
who is an untrained healer making a huge difference in his community.

It might be worth your time - just a couple minutes - to read over his work and thoughts on healing.

Best regards,


PS Thanks, Laurie.

(posted January 2012)

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