20 July 2022

“Some of the most exciting opportunities of our lives come
cleverly disguised as insoluble difficulties.”
Bernie Siegel

Our previous essay on Medical Misinformation dealt with the shortcomings of modern science and medicine. We think ourselves far advanced compared to past generations. But, future ones will laugh at our shortsightedness and shallow thought, limited horizons and in fact, our arrogant ignorance in wide ranges of health and disease, life and death.

In this essay, we endeavor to sketch a picture of what true, inclusive Medical Information looks like. But before we do, let’s review obvious reasons that cause Medical Information to often be misinformed and even deceptive:

• Science and medicine change with the times.

• Neither is pure; both are tainted by all manner of conflicts of interest.

• Medicine is not even a science – but far from it.

• Science, and especially medicine, are based on faith more than fact.

• Medicine is addicted to pharmaceutical mentality.

• Like Pharma, the AMA has undue influence on people and their health.

• Medicine is too often our nemesis rather than healer, creating many problems and ills.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

We can replace dogma and guesswork with the real and true. To get to the truth, we need to focus our eyes on higher, deeper things. To stand above the fray, so to speak.

We can do better. If we “tune in” to the right channels, we can become better informed for own benefit and that of others.

“Ask and it shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will open.” Matthew 7:7

Fundamental answers stand in the realm of Truth, Love and Goodness. At the same time, to get to those answers may require us to go through darkness in search of Light. Causes are not to be found in the physical, material realm in our personal as well as our collective ills.

“Then, what does real Medical Information look like?”

Let’s enumerate key qualities on which to base understanding of human health and healing. The real thing respect –


“Spirit is the Master …”

Real knowledge regarding well-being must recognize Spirit at work in our midst. Spirit needs to be acknowledged in one way or another to secure truly useful medical information.

Unfortunately as several sources suggest, we live in an era of “Soulless Medicine.” Spirit and Soul must find place in medical schools, the medical profession, and medical practice.

Until that happens, patients and public can reorient themselves so as to acknowledge our source and sustenance. Our health as well as our illnesses are founded on spirit – its quickening or deadening. Evidence relevant to either state can be detected by diligent students.


“Mind is the Builder
 Edgar Cayce

Health and disease are both built. They don’t just happen. The foundation of our state of being depends on how we build, moment to moment and lifetime to lifetime – as well as person to person and nation to nation.

What kind of instrument are we building with our thoughts and ideals, words and actions? All too often, we are quite unaware of our state of mind which is building up or tearing down. But, the Oversoul has full knowledge and guards our memory banks, so that we are presented  with the challenges and opportunities, pains and illnesses at the times they are needed for our development.


“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”
Hebrews 13

Humans are spiritual beings having physical experiences. Every ill, regardless of the outer appearance, has its origin in invisible realms. Effects and symptoms occur in the outer, visible, tangible dimension.

Causes are only to be found when we point toward spirit and essence. So, being medically informed in the truest sense requires going beyond what appears.

Essences are known in other terms as angels (archetypes to psychologists) in the West, or devas in the East. Yes, angels do exist. Be assured that there are far more angels than humans on planet Earth.

Angels are in fact the true Builders. They are the greater and lesser Intelligences who respond to the designs of Divine and human minds to produce effects in the outer – as well as the inner – worlds.


“God’s energies are waiting to be tapped.”
Leslie Weatherhead

Angels and devas have their own armies and legions of lesser lives (workers) which are called elementals. In recent times, we have explained them as atoms; then as protons, electrons, and neutrons; now as quarks.

The Creator’s energies are the substance of life which sustain us and the motivating forces which bring about change or illness, healing or depletion, transformation or decay. They are not to be detected on physical examination or autopsy, however energetically an investigator might work. Such endeavors are much like trying to find and bottle Love or Goodness.

Substance stands behind the whole outer world to give life and animate all beings. Realizing that there is no death, we may get in touch with the keys to existence which propel us through birth into physical manifestation and draw us back into the inner worlds when our Hour in Time arrives.

We must look beyond the physical to recover some of the deep magical knowledge of the ancients. Even in our day, there are shamans and curanderos, wizards and healers who possess that talent. But few of them stand prominently in our world dominated by male orthodoxy and scientism.


“Each illness is a story, and only the patient can tell the story.”
Elena Avila

Labels are man-made. Physicians give names to illnesses much like botanists categorize species of plants. That practice may suffice in botany, because plants don’t pay attention to such things. But, humans get bogged down in names and labels. However useless they really may be, physicians and patients try to name their ills. When those problems have been named, all too often we make claim and won’t let them go – instead of seeing them as chapters in the story of our life.

Until recent generations, the ills which humans suffered were simply considered as chills, fevers, fluxes, and the like. People got sick, passed through their experiences, and let Nature take its course. On occasion and if they had the resources, they would call in a healer or medical man to help ease their discomfort. On other occasions, they took time to make some sense of the story of their illness.

Modern medicine simplistically complicates our problems, and often adds burdens to our symptoms, discomforts, and expenses. Illness was, and still is, part of every human’s life. At the same time, personally relevant information regarding an illness can be accessed intelligibly for John Doe and Mary Smith by viewing it as a part of the book of every human life.

We can look to the recent epidemic as a widespread sickness which modern science has tried to explain as caused by a ultramicroscopic virus. The fact that the coronavirus is ever changing is really irrelevant because it is not the causative agent. Science has identified it as the actor (active agent) of a disease during a critical scene in the great human play of the early 21st century. But, it is not the director.

• Nature

“Illness is nature’s reset button.”
Bernie Siegel

The coronavirus is part of Nature, just as you and I are. Nature is in toto the subtle, tangible substance of life. It is not merely the greenery which provides food, fodder and fiber. It is in the words of Goethe, “The Garment of God.”

That larger garment needs to be cared and tended, as we do our own body – our bodies being parts of the great web of Nature.

Nature participates in disease and in healing, most often quite beyond our awareness. Every day, all of us are being healed of lesser or greater ills as Nature moves its subtle forces to lift, aid, nourish, change, and transform.

Nature accomplishes these works through agencies of angels and elementals. This simple sentence explains how seeds grow into plants, and how human zygotes wondrously turn into infants.

• Wholeness

“There are no diseases, only sick people.”
Samuel Hahnemann

Forces of both Mother Nature and Human Nature act in our midst even while we misunderstand so much of what they express through the planet and through our own bodies. They work constantly, regardless of how things appear outwardly, endeavoring to bring us into Unity, Goodness, and Wholeness.

At the same time, like it or not, illness and injury are part and parcel of most every life – if we live long enough. Through Mind-Consciousness and Substance-Nature, we are always on that trail. We tend to consider illness and injury as obstacles along the road. Someday, we will recognize them as opportunities in our growth and development.

Don’t fight illness and disease. Let us learn from them. They are part of the journey to our true selves.
Since we are all part of the Garment of God, we may come to further realizations such as –

• Imperfection leads ultimately to perfection.
• Illness is contagious – and so is health.
• We can share health, even as we do wealth.

“All things are possible with God.”
Mark 10

Bernie Siegel

We thank Bernie Siegel for his efforts to bring Spirit and Soul, Love and Wonder back into medical practice. Siegel, now approaching 90 years of age, has pointed us in many ways to true Medical Information. Interested readers can find abundant references to his work on the internet, as well as many of his books. We started with Love, Medicine & Miracles. We have “Spiritual Aspects of the Healing Arts,” a chapter of an anthology written by Siegel and his wife Bobbie, available for ready reading any time at

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