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Critical History of Animal Magnetism
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The work of this library is to present to the public the best of historical information on theories-discoveries of the vital fluid and animal magnetism of Anton Mesmer, the ether of Newton, the archaeus of Paracelsus and Van Helmont, etc. More importantly, the library offers the stories of healers who have used magnetism over the ages for the benefit of humanity. Notable among them is the Baron Jules du Potet who wrote the book called Magnetism Opposed to Medicine which details his travels around France and England to teach and heal via magnetism.

The purveyors of these little remembered and poorly understood fields of study from distant centuries experienced things the retelling of which can be of value even in the third millennium. Over time, this site will present translations, articles, and links to this wisdom which can still be of practical value to human understanding and healing.

Animal Magnetism was the discovery of Anton Mesmer in Vienna, Austria. His brand of magnetism produced healing through touch and/or gaze. Mesmer came to his own far-reaching conclusions without conscious awareness of similar theories and practices of Paracelsus, Van Helmont, Fludd, Maxwell and others who lived long before him. He told that he learned directly from nature rather than from books. This was much the case with the other physician-healers.

Mesmer met with extraordinary successes in healing and relieving all manner of illnesses. He also met with great skepticism, obstruction, and disapproval from his medical brethren and the savants of the day. Most of them could not or would not try to understand his healing gift. Mesmer and Animal Magnetism threatened the very existence of the medical profession simply because it was touted to be a form of universal healing. It could benefit all kinds of patients and be performed by most any human with the time and energy, patience and interest.

It can and still does benefit people here there and everywhere. Practitioners use it quite unconsciously, while regular folks often relieve and even heal friends and family without realizing so as they transfuse their brethren with vitality when they touch them.
Initially, most of the volumes in the People Medicine Library are translations from the French. Later ones will be translations from Latin and German.

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