The Nature of Magic & The Magic of Nature

Rabbit in the hat

Magic and Nature are almost synonymous.
You might think otherwise. But, it is really true.

Maybe I should say that the Fount of Nature is the same as Magic. The nature we usually think of is Nature's cover, like the body is to a human Being.

In recent eras, science and technology have “tapped” Nature to do many grand things. But, we have just scratched the surface of Mother Nature. Maybe it is time to peek Inside.

We have proceeded to build high rises, huge cities, impressive vehicles of many kinds, grand networks of transport and commerce, and great war machines. We have replaced hearts, joints and mechanized human forms. But, we have done all these things with bare awareness of the complications, side effects, and dangers which often accompany our man-made constructions.

Behind, beyond and within all outer effects are inner causes which can be discovered. Nature can reveal its deeper secrets if we search diligently.


All the Wonders of Nature appear through Magic. Let me give you some examples.

• The solar system and planet Earth were created by Natural Magic, billions of years ago. And, the outer worlds are being recreated constantly in similar magical ways.

Science suggests that The Big Bang occurred and the worlds came into being out of nothing. But, we should know EX NIHILO NIHIL FIT. “Out of nothing comes nothing.”

• Every blade of grass, stalk of corn, ear of corn is a product of Natural Magic.

We meekly believe the facile explanation that photosynthesis does it all. But, photosynthesis involves the outer layer of things. It is a hint of the subtle magic which goes all the time, hidden to our relatively dull vision.

• Every body -- animal or human -- is a Magical Wonder.

We simply accept that an egg and a sperm join together in a female's body to accomplish the task of generating and birthing a walking, talking, breathing being. If we could only see what goes on in the inner dimensions to bring a new soul to be embodied. Ah, what a glorious DVD that would make. Watch Jeff Bridges's movie Starman to get some hints of what that process is really like.

All these are manifestations of Natural Magic.

And, the same Natural Magic, which manifests things and beings, is also capable or recreating and regenerating, transforming and healing creatures including humans.

Nature creates. Nature heals.

Vis medicatrix naturae.

More another time. We will begin to get to some concrete examples before long.
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