Planet Earth

Practical Magic and People Medicine
June 2014

My friend, Nicolas Ortiz Cué, in Scotland responded to the note on Practical Magic. He remarked that,

“Indeed there has been a ‘mind set’ in recent Western science,
in its quest for ‘objectivity’ that has brought about complication
and the worst of it all that sense of separation that you mention.
We become aliens to nature, that is to our true self, and to what is;
energy and its flow. No wonder we can not understand,
much less make the better use of these energies (powers) and their benefits.”

Nicolas brings up key points regarding not just science, but also modern life in general. We have taken ourselves away from nature in so many ways. And at the same time, we have committed ourselves to increasingly man-made, unnatural living.

• Humanity tries to show itself superior to and aloof from nature. However much we live artificially and technologically, we are still subjects of nature.

• Society has separated more and more activities into agencies, compartments, departments, bureaucracies, etc. Without understanding of the greater whole, we lose touch with underlying reality.

• Science becomes analytical and separative, taking things into parts in hopes of understanding the whole. But, the whole is always much more than the sum of its parts.

• Medicine divides the human being into systems, organs and cells, specialties and subspecialties. Is there any medical wo/man who knows much about the real whole human beings who come to clinic or hospital?

Can we get back to community and nature, health, oneness and wholeness in our lives?

That is a big task to attempt in any time. But, we can begin where we are in many ways and most especially in regard to illness and injury while not forgetting the value of first aid and emergency medical treatment.


How to get back to nature in minds and hearts, hands and healing?
Let's start with some basic truths.

• We are all part of a much larger Being (not separate beings). Call it Gaia if you tend to be atheist or agnostic, God if otherwise inclined.

• As our body cells make up our own frame, we compose the body of the planetary Being. As cells are networked by nerves and blood and subtler energies flow, we human cells are connected by strands of light.

• These are continuous flows of energy of varying types within the greater being and amongst all humans and the rest of nature.

• We can take advantage of proximity and sympathy of friends, family and neighbors to aid each other when sick and injured. (Even thoughts and prayers formed 1000s of miles away can have effect on us.)

• Much even of modern-day healing occurs when people “exchange energy” often unknowingly in clinic and hospital. But more occurs - and even more can - in the home setting. Most healing happens at home, not in the doctor's office.

• Medicines and operations have effects. But, how much of the medical results are due to patients being attended, touched, cared for? How much is due to simple suggestion? To faith in the pill or the doctor? To imagination? Placebo effect? Expectations? Transfer of vitality?

• They are all energies at some level.

• The most inexpensive and most available healing agents are often simple touch and a kind word and genuine concern.

• But alas, we go to the doctor's office for these ubiquitous agents as much as diagnoses, etc.

• Why not open ourselves and share ourselves with touch and words for healing?

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