Practical Magic


I have in recent months re-discovered this overlooked form of magic. One which has great potential to benefit humans and other creatures especially where health and disease are concerned.

Sadly, physicians and public have passed over it for generations. It has reared its head many times, usually to be swatted back because of its simplicity, its lack of “scientific” validation, and mostly its threat to the medical guild.

Over the centuries, this universal kind of magic has been forgotten, ignored and denied as humans have become more mental, intellectual, analytical, separative, technological, and “scientific.”

This form of magic is open and available to all. It requires little or no training. If practiced and shared, it could slash medical expenses and give us a much healthier, happier, and friendlier world.

This Practical Magic is like sunshine and free energy. It is near and with us most every day and everywhere.

Almost everyone can give and receive it. At no cost and only modest effort.


I will just try to set the foundation for the idea of Healing Magic which practical physicians and true healers (Jesus, Gautama, Paracelsus, Greatrakes, and many others) have suggested and demonstrated over the ages.

• Every thing is composed of energy. Even modern science has recognized this in the past century. Unfortunately, physicians generally don't pay attention to this obvious and accepted fact.

• We humans live in a sea of energy and are whirlpools of force. We may look like solid matter, but we are far from it.

• We all transmit, receive and store life force and vitality naturally without realizing it.

• We pass this energy onward when we talk, bow and curtsy, smile and frown, but most especially through touch: pats, hugs and handshakes. We then send forth waves of force, tinged oftentimes with emotions and thoughts.

• Health is a sign of relatively balanced and free flow of this vitality.

• Disease suggests the opposite.

• Disruptive, negative energy can be transmitted from person to person and precipitate disease. And not just with colds and flu.

• Healing energy - magnetic force - vitality can be transmitted from person to person and aid in recovery, healing, and rejuvenation.

• Any healthy, sympathetic, and willing individual can share from his/her store of vital force by simple methods. Touch, massage, and stroking (mothers have been stroking - and healing - ill children) have effected healing for ages often without the practitioners thereof realizing it. The list of means to this kind of healing can be expanded into a very long one by studying history and cultures.

• The basic mechanism of Universal Magic - Healing Touch - is very simple. It starts with projecting vitality through the hands and eyes to someone who is sick or injured.

I have read 20 books - many of them quite long - in past months which explain and validate the process from many angles. But, it can be really quite simple and used by practically everyone.

Over the ages, we have forgotten that healing forces dwell within us all. Then, we delegated healing power to medical professionals who have made their discipline into an arcane technology and expensive business. 

We can change that. With little more than intention and modest extension of energy, we can share our own health with others. And, receive when in need.

We all have the capability of healing others and can thereby share God's first mercy with our fellows.

We can begin by smiling brightly, hugging more and touching kindly.

Your comments are welcome. I will expand on these ideas in later notes. Read, study, and pass on.

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