The Truth About Magic

Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini
David Copperfield
David Copperfield

I have been studying Miracles and Magic for years without really realizing the curriculum.

I studied A Course in Miracles in the late 70s and early 80s. 
I even led an ACIM group in Phoenix, AZ, for a time.
I learned a few things from the Course which have stuck.

The main one being that “Miracles” are all about perception.
If I studied ACIM now 30 years later, I surely would have different perspectives and perceptions.

Many years ago, I passed from “Miracles” to the study of Magic. I have been working on the latter of three main kinds

• Stage Magic

• Black Magic

• White Magic


Stage Magic is magic in name only. It gives the appearance - or perception - of magic and is based on illusion. Houdini and Copperfield made their feats look like Magic. Most often, so well that audiences couldn't catch their tricks. Magicians and Illusionists are synonymous. They always accomplish their legerdemain through slight of hand, deception and similar means.

Black Magic is also known as sorcery and the left-hand path. Black (gray might be a better term for many of them) magicians put themselves in league with invisible forces which work through them to create often startling effects for personal and selfish purposes. All sorts of enchantments can be created with black magic, but "buyer beware." Voodoo and wizardry, charms and enchantments have momentary results which are but shadows of the works "right-handed" magicians can produce.

White Magic requires contact with the Soul and is achieved when the Real Magician aligns him/herself with Higher Forces. Thence can be produced results for the benefit of others, effects spreading out in circles of goodness to the greater whole.

In sum:
Black magic is unconscious and self-centered.
White magic is willful and intended for the greater good.

My recent studies have suggested to me that there is another kind of magic which many if not all of us can study and learn, share and make real differences in our environs.

Keep watch for the next eletter edition for an introduction to ____ Magic.

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