40 Years in the Wilderness:
The Promised Land Lies Ahead

Spring 2014


Time flies. Whether we are having fun or not.

40 years ago this coming July, I entered The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Yowser!

Now, I feel like I am starting medical training all over again. But, it is a quite different school I am "attending." And, I am beginning to understand a much deeper kind of medicine and healing.

I regret to say that orthodox medical school is really a trade school and most graduating physicians are programmed to be not much more than technicians. They then proceed through routines passing patients in and out the doors of offices, clinic and hospitals. Despite the trappings of technology and modern scientism, medicine has advanced relatively little - with a few notable exceptions - over the centuries.

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Fortunately, there are other ways to approach human health and disease than medical orthodoxy. Unfortunately, those ways get relatively little respect. Osteopathy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, body/energy work and other disciplines point in the right direction. Often with the intention of promoting human health and not just fighting disease. I have been aware of most of these fields for years. Studying and experiencing many of them.

Eureka! In recent months, I have been discovering and studying another discipline which was largely lost generations ago. Hopefully, it will rise again in coming years to take its proper place in the halls of medicine and healing.


My new studies have grown out of researches for my new book PHENOMENON: 13 Lives of the Millennium Man. Not so subtle hints led me to discover – or re-discover magnetic healing, otherwise known as animal magnetism or Mesmerism. I expect to be working with this amazing process for years to come.

It is more than ironic to find that some of the finest of healing powers happen to live and circulate around us everywhere and all the time. In the past I have remarked, “Most healing occurs outside of hospitals and clinics, away from doctors and medical professionals.”

That was really more than a surmise. It should not be a real surprise to recognize the universe being filled with healing and regenerative forces everywhere. Not alone in professional hands, but within and amongst us all. Just like the kingdom of God being in our very midst, the secrets of the universe, the gifts of God, and the healing Force are always close at hand.

Those potentials have been brought to light over the ages again and again. And, again and again they have been submerged for one reason or another. Competition, materialism, money, power. You name it.

But, we all have the opportunity to reclaim Truth and grow into Knowledge and share in those gifts of God with our family and neighbors in need.

Most healing happens in the home, usually at the hands of concerned parents and family members. Or within the temple of an ailing person's being. That is just so, regardless of the medical paradigm and general belief that only trained professionals "know and cure." Real healing is universally available. And, healers reside in our very midst whether we know it or not. You are certainly one of them.

In and out of the medical profession, many of the greatest physicians and healers of the ages were mesmerists. In the last millennium, Paracelsus, Van Helmont, Greatrakes among others preceded Dr. Mesmer (18th century) using merely the vital forces which flowed through their eyes and hands to bring healing and comfort to great numbers of sick and injured. Many, many of those works were done gratis.

The idea of healing forces may seem fantastic and absurd to you. It has to many orthodox thinkers and physicians over the ages. They repeatedly and sadly won the day through attack, deception, slander, etc. And, materialistic, chemical, operative medicine holds sway and continues to make for costly, redundant, often dangerous practices which are quite remote from human sensibilities and natural healing.

Whatever became of the healing power of nature?
Vis medicatrix naturae.

A resurgence of animal magnetism arose in the 19th century, but the medical establishment squashed mesmerism again - as it did in the 18th century. The past century had its own wonderful energies and movements - including attempts to create Holistic Medicine. That effort which appeared in many guises seems to have succumbed like earlier ones. 

e have hints of the Forces which may manifest in our present century.
The Force be with you!

Hopefully, The Force and other perennial gifts will be recognized and used.  Real healing and practical magic lie dormant within all of creation.

Paracelsus, the great vitalist, and Mesmer, the magnetist, forged the way toward “the very key to the mystery of man's interior nature.” That key has acted in the past and surely will again in coming days provide the bridge to the soul and the healing spirit. Don't miss it!

Dr. Mesmer and People Medicine will endeavor in the coming days to review the work of Mesmer and his descendants, magnetism and its modern mimics. Check in from time to time to see what's NEW.

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