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Amy’s Story

I have sort of an interesting story of my own. Several years ago, probably 2004, I kept having dreams that I was going to be in an accident.  I told this to somebody, as the dreams really scared me.  I did what she told me to do and that was to pray for what I wanted from the “accident”. . . if I must be in that “accident”.  So I did.  I prayed for my body to not be mangled and to feel no pain.  I had never been in an accident before and therefore didn't really know what else to pray for. ;-) 

A few weeks later, I broke my foot.  Interestingly enough, my foot only hurt one day, and it hurt bad. . . the day that I went to a very popular “sports medicine” doctor and he told me I would have to have surgery.  I would need a pin put in my foot, cast, then walking boot, then physical therapy. . .  and I would probably never be able to use my foot the same way again.  Certainly some of my regular yoga poses would be out of the question.  After that, I kept having nightmares about the surgery. 

Long story short. . . or maybe a short story long. . .  I found an “alternative doctor” who said that my foot would heal just fine without the surgery.  Sure enough it did.  I chose not to have surgery and I was walking weeks before the cast would have been scheduled to come off.  I'm walking normally and have been able to do all of my regular yoga poses.  I learned a lot of things from that whole incident. . . the most important one being “always follow your intuition”.

Also, 2 years ago, I kept having dreams that I was going to blow out my knee.  sure enough I did, about a month or two after those dreams.  On that one, I forgot to pray for no pain.  and it hurt like hell.

I had no forewarning about breaking my hand last summer.  Other than I “had” to go hiking that day.  I guess it's all good, because it's a main reason how Alex and I got to dating.  He carried my tray for me and cut up my food every single day for lunch and dinner since I only had one hand. . . .we've been together ever since.  Would we have started dating had I not broke my hand?  Who knows.  But I am thankful for that particular “accident”

Amy Welchez
yoga instructor and practitioner

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