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It’s Time for More Sanity and Care to Medicine
posted 10-23-2011

As my latest writing effort on PEOPLE MEDICINE nears completion, I have noticed a number of news articles on the Internet which suggest points of sanity and awareness growing in the medical community.
Here are just two. More will follow. There is some reason to be optimistic.

I) The Trustees of the California Medical Association, representing 35,000 physicians, has made a call for legalization of marijuana following its annual meeting. While questioning the medical value of marijuana and suggesting some health risk from its use, the doctor groups urges marijuana be regulated like alcohol.

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This writer (former physician) feels it is long past time for organizations and individuals to stand up for decriminalizing AND legalizing the use of a plant which grows quite naturally and freely around the planet.
I say, “Bravo!” to the CMA for this sane and brave step.

II)  Carolyn and Matthew Bucksbaum have donated $42 million dollars to create an Institute for Clinical Excellence at the University of Chicago Medical Center. The plan is to put compassion and care “on the same pedestal as science and technology.”

A brief story is at

The obvious question arises as to how long it has taken for CARE to be afforded an important role in medicine.

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