A Short Course for Physicians and Patients

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10 Things Medical School Does Not Teach …
But Everyone Should Know

The following essays are meant to offer readers basic information to add a fundamental layer of knowledge to your data bank. Things that we all should be taught from elementary school upwards – even into medical school. Each article runs two or three pages long. But, it is packed with ideas and concepts and facts worth your consideration.

You will be exposed to many things to help put health and disease, life and death in perspective. Over the course of ten essays, they will be presented a number of times to allow them to sink in.

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I - Anatomy of the Human Being, Not Just the Body
II - The Piece of Mind
III - The Difference Between Sleep and Death
IV - The Difference Between Health and Disease
V - Fighting Disease ...
VI - Understanding Illness
VII - Illness Can Be A Gift
VIII - Signs: Symptoms and Symbols
IX - The Big Giant Head ...
X - Sharing the Health


A Short Course for Physicians & Patients:
10 Things Medical School Does Not Teach
but Everyone Should Know

1) Anatomy of the Human Being,
Not Just the Human Body

Human beings are not just skin and bones. There is much, much more to us. Believe it or not, our outer frame is undergirded by invisible bodies. Our real “skeleton” is composed of spiritual, mental, emotional and etheric vehicles. They lie unseen in the midst of you and me and every human we meet. These aspects of our nature have been recognized and discussed by great teachers over the ages.

Western science is just now beginning to turn its investigations toward these subtle aspects of anatomy with electronic equipment. We are now at a stage comparable to the one taken a few hundred years ago. That was when anatomists first cut into dead bodies seeking to understand living one. They used knives then. Now, we need to draw on the talents of clairvoyants to collect and compare their readily available observations.

Their visions will be validated by modern electronics and slowly begin to prove that Humans are in fact Body, Mind, and Spirit.

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2) The Piece of Mind

The mental-emotional nature is not confined to our brains. It exists in the midst of our whole being, spreading beyond the limits of the physical body. Standing midway, the Mind fulfills the key role of mediating spirit and form.

Much as in Christian theology where the Christ mediates between the Father and each person, the Mind is meant to act as our own personal intermediary. How we use our thoughts and emotions is of fundamental importance to how the body lives and moves. The Mind-emotions, conscious and unconscious, have much to do with how the body works, behaves, changes.

The Mind is ever the Builder.

3) The Difference Between Sleep and Death

Using knowledge of our inner bodies, it becomes relatively easy to understand Sleep and Death. Really? Really!

Every night when we go to sleep, we escape from our bodily envelopes. Our spirit, mental and emotional vehicles slip away from the outer and etheric physical forms. We are then much freer to “navigate.” While we – the soul – roam freely at night, our physical forms are re-charged with the vital forces which surround us: are real food.

During sleep, the inner bodies remain connected to the physical frame through the silver cord. That cord corresponds to the umbilical cord which we believe so important during gestation.

At death, we go into a much prolonged sleep when the cord is broken and we are freed as souls from the physical world. Then, we reap the rewards of the present life and prepare for the next.

4) The Difference Between Health and Disease

Sleep and Death are quite similar. So are Health and Disease. That is so, even though we imagine them to be much different.

Except in the gravest traumas or in the last moments of severe illnesses, Health actually is in force. In the vast majority of ills, the systems, organs, tissues and cells of the outer body maintain their uncountable functions in constant and dutiful wonder.

While illness and injury have widespread effects, the body has been so designed that its parts hold us together. It is specific organs and areas of the body which are affected and cause us often to suffer mightily.

There are very fine lines between Health and Disease.

5) Fighting Disease

How often do we Fight Disease, Combat Cancer and Keep Up the Good Battle? That often with very little knowledge of our so-called Enemies.

Without recognizing the real causes of our symptoms and discomforts, it is almost certain that we will fail in our efforts. The Battles may be impressive. Positive outcomes will be at best short-lived.

Fighting rarely brings hoped-for results and often just makes us Fighters rather than Lovers or Livers. Which can produce exhaustion and more illness.

6) Understanding Illness

It has been said many times over the ages that, “Humans have illnesses and not diseases.” Physicians name diseases like species of plants. But, the sick endure illnesses, one person at a time in very different and unique ways.

Sadly, it ends up that, as Voltaire told us centuries ago, “The physician amuses the patient, while Nature produces a cure.”

When physicians and patients are wise, they allow Nature, Life, and Circumstances to teach us the Lessons of Illness.

7) Gifts of Illness

Instead of being Threat and Enemy, Illness can become Friend and Teacher.

You see, illnesses are not accidents. They are not mistakes that occur haphazardly. Cause and effect stands behind every thing and event in the world. Even our illnesses and injuries.

There is Message and Opportunity to the ills that are attracted into our lives and bodies. Instead of feeling downtrodden and abused when we are laid up, we can learn from the experience.

We can even discover the Gift Illness bears for us.

8) Symptoms and Symbols

Once we have reached the Age of Responsibility, we can begin to study and learn from our problems. We can begin to explore life and experience. Learning need not be limited to schools and formal education. Every significant illness have things to teach us, help us grow, and support our growing into our larger Selves.

Let’s take time to look at the Symptoms and Signs within Illness as Pointers along the Way of Life. As the symbolism of the cars and houses and friends which we attract into our lives have stories to tell, so also do the Traumas and Pains which come to us.

The things which stir and disturb us most strongly can become our greatest Treasures and Teachers.

9) The Big Giant Head

Even though Mind is not limited to the head or brain, we can often use the Head as its symbol. So let us intentionally put the Head to work in Health and Healing.

We can use our Minds to develop regular routines and positive practices to day-by-day bring more Health into our lives. If we benefit one part of our being, we help the Whole. When we attract Health into our existence, Illness quite naturally and gradually slips away.

We can have similar benefit in the lives of others by our Presence, Words, and Thoughts. As we think ourselves into Health, we can also do the same for others – to a degree. And, that change sends a positive ripple throughout the world.

“Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.”

10) Shared Healing

We can share Healing with others through our Presence, Words, and Thoughts. Most of us would agree that is so. And, we all have given and received in these ways. Other forms of Healing we “leave to the professionals.”

But, there is another simple but too often forgotten way to aid Health and Healing in others. That is through the simple Gift of Touch.

Presence, Words, and Thoughts are Things which we share with others. Their effect depends upon the intention with which they are offered. These things are in fact forms of energy. In a similar way, Touch can carry force and vitality, sympathy and love to lift and aid others.

Hands Around the World

Mothers of the World have been sharing this kind of Healing power since the beginning of time. They still do, but much of their effect has fallen away because of growing beliefs in medicine and professionals, scalpels and pills.

Original healers were Mothers. Following their Example, we can remake our worlds into happier, healthier ones by taking the time to share the simple Gift of Touch.

Next time, you or a friend are in pain or hurting, let Hands Reach Out and Touch. You may be surprised at the benefits which arise when Healing becomes a Shared Experience.

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