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Tenth Lesson

Sharing the Health

“The avenue to salvation in the modern age is through community.”

M. Scott Peck, the psychiatrist and author, might well have used the word healing instead of salvation in his sweeping statement. The two are practically synonymous and certainly worth considering together in the present period of history.

Society has gained vast benefits in the march of civilization through science and technology. At the same time, we are gradually losing the function and spirit of community. That is so even in the smallest of towns and villages in the western world. But, the sense of community, brotherhood, and caring for one’s neighbors is of paramount importance to the health and well-being of humanity.


A parable told about space explorers “crossing the great divide” may help to put the idea into clearer perspective. During their journey, the travelers come across two planets inhabited by beings who appear very much like those on Earth. But, the beings on both orbs have one distinct difference with Earthlings as well as among themselves.

Firstly, their bodies are almost identical to Earth inhabitants. Except their arms are misshapen compared to our own. They have short upper arms and long lower arms. Those differences limit them most especially in the simple task of feeding themselves. When they have food in their hands, they have great trouble getting it into their mouths because their bended arms far overshoot their intended targets. So, the spacemen find the people on the first planet practically starving because they cannot feed themselves.

But, the beings on the second planet are thriving — because they learned to feed each other.


On planet Earth, we are in somewhat the same situation. While we are prosperous in some material ways, we are far from learning how to feed one another.

Feeding, nourishing and nurturing others can come in many different forms. Our last essay hinted at ways in which
we can “feed” our brothers and sisters mentally and emotionally.

We can “feed” each other with ideas and feelings which are upbuilding. Others may be debilitating. The “meals” that we share point us toward health or disease. What we feed on, we become. This is another way of saying, “We are what we eat — and consume.”

From another angle, let’s think about how we can “nourish” others monetarily. Aren’t we able to serve and even save others by simply giving them money to meet all sorts of needs? By sharing of our financial abundance — our wealth, we can support real changes in the lives of others. Such is the whole idea of philanthropy and charity.

We encounter the idea of “sharing the wealth” from time to time. But, there is another kind of charity which we have largely forgotten with the advance of civilization. Maybe it is time to recover the idea of “sharing the health” in conscious, charitable ways.

Hands around the World

Mothers have been sharing of their very bodies and their milk, their love and their warmth with their children for ages. Much of what they give is non-physical but in some ways more real and potent than the physical. Mothers, often without much awareness, share life-sustaining energies with their children and others whom they touch.

Why “wait for the doctor” when illness occurs? We can all do much as many mothers have done in times of need. Believe it or not, we can transfer and transfuse healing forces into our family, friends and neighbors in need!

We are constantly emanating greater or lesser quanta of light to our surroundings. This fact is finally being validated by modern science, while philosophers and physicians, magicians and sages have demonstrated the idea from ancient times. The halos and auras surrounding the saints in paintings of ages past depict quite real phenomena. And believe it or not, light and force radiate from every human being. Even from you and me.

And, we can focus and magnify that energy, as mothers do, toward ones in need. The process is simple and natural for mothers. It can be the same for the rest of us. We only need the interest, the time, and the love: to pass on healthful rays to the sick and injured.

Do ponder on this idea. All of us can be about the community work of Sharing the Health.

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