The Whole Works


It really does.
Too often, we focus on our aches and pains,
forgetting the wondrous things going on within us all the time.
Our minor illnesses and our conventional diagnoses
become much more important than the parade of healthy and healing events
which occur in our bodies almost constantly.
We are really healthier than we realize.
You might be better reminded of this fact
after you take the short multiple-choice quiz below.
Click on your letter choice. The best answer will then appear.

Wonders of Health

1) The human body contains _________ of living cells.

a) millions
b) billions
c) trillions
d) zillions

2) There are ________ of breathing red blood cells in one drop of blood.

a) bunches
b) thousands
c) millions
d) billions

3) The heart beats rhythmically 2 ____________times in a person's life.

a) million
b) billion
c) trillion

4) The human brain is composed of _________ of pulsating neurons.

a) squads
b) thousands
c) millions
d) billions

5) ____ per cent of the atoms in the body are replaced every year.

a) 8
b) 38
c) 68
d) 98

6) The human skin is new every ______.

a) day
b) week
c) month
d) year

7) The lining of the stomach is renewed every ___ days.

a) 5
b) 15
c) 25
d) 50

8) The red blood cells are recycled every ______.

a) 6 hours
b) 6 days
c) 6 weeks
d) 6 months

9) The human consciousness changes _________.

a) every day
b) monthly
c) hardly ever
d) when a person is ready

Exploring Deeper Dimensions of Human Physiology


Remembering that the human mechanism is a great marvel,
we should also recall that we are far more than physical bodies.
Much remains to be studied and discovered where the human being is concerned.
We need but consider that science and technology are really little more than a century old.
This compares to the knowledge and experience of practitioners, seers and mystics over past ages
who have made many mutually corroborating suggestions about this creature we call Man.

“There is no symbol
quite so representative of the creative process
as the human frame.”

Alice Bailey, Esoteric Healing

The ancients were aware of things in subtler dimensions
which we in the 21st century have yet to recover and put to practical use.
The last words in medicine and physiology have yet to be spoken.
The encompassing explorations and exciting experiments of the 20th century are
but a shadow of things to come as thoughtful, intuitive and inspired students
delve into the greater depths of the human mechanism - visible and invisible.


This part of our website endeavors to reach towards some of those depths and spaces
hinted at by the great teachers and physicians of the ages.
The stories, articles and essays below look at different aspects of human nature in an effort to uncover
the truth of our nature and our potential for true healing.


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