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Those traditions speak to the potential for medicine
to be an avenue for healing.
Not just testing and investigating,
patching and fixing, repairing or “curing.”

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Wounded Healers

Otis Brawley, MD

How We Do Harm

Brawley’s How We Do Harm book may just as well have been called How Money Runs Medicine. This doctor’s particular concern is with cancer patients and he gives ample examples of how financial incentives, commercial opportunities, conflicts of interests, etc. often “steal the show,” so to speak. Everybody seems to have his hands out trying to take in more and more while patients get lost in the jumble.

“Too often, helping the patient isn’t the point. Economic incentives can dictate that the patient be ground up as expensively as possible with the goal of maximizing the cut of every practitioner who gets involved. When we, doctors, are at our best, we set aside our self-interest and put the patient’s interest first. When we aren’t at our best, the public pays more in fees, insurance premiums, taxes – poor outcomes.”

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Lynne McTaggart

What Doctors Don't Tell You

There are vast numbers of things that doctors don’t tell you or anybody. That is partly because there is so much to know about human beings, their problems and their illnesses. Setting the enormity of human living and dying aside, the obvious need for physicians to know and understand HEALTH remains.

“As sophisticated as it is in many regards, medical science utterly lacks any understanding whatsoever of the extraordinary dynamics of the human body.”

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Confessions of a Medical Heretic

Robert Mendelsohn (1926-1988)
was a vocal pediatrician and medical school professor in Illinois.
Author of several books and a newsletter called The People’s Doctor, Mendelsohn was also a medical heretic and a medical critic.

Although his books go back forty years,
their essentials are still valuable to readers in the current day.
The books are compact, very readable and not overgrown with minutiae.

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